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Experience seamless running, jumping and ducking in this fast-paced Virtual Platformer designed exclusively for the HTC Vive! We are so excited to share our revolutionary room-based movement system we decided to release the first level prototype as a free to play early access release! That's right, you can walk, run and physically jump in Virtual Platformer without the use of controllers or teleporting!

In Virtual Platformer, you are the joystick! To move forward through the environment, simply step forward to move forward, step back to move back, step left to move left and right to move right; we've also included diagonal directions as well. The closer you move to the perimeter of your play area - the faster you move in that direction. Return to the center of your play area to slow to a stop and walk around normally.

Motion sickness has been minimized with our movement system because by moving your body in conjunction with player movement - uncomfortable momentum is vastly reduced.

Physically jump over the red hurdles, duck and dodge obstacles and use shortcuts in order to reach the finish line with the fastest time!

Inspired by that classic platformer vibe while embracing a groovy simplistic style, Virtual Platformer aims to revolutionize VR movement while having a fun time doing it!

Movement created using the Real Moves Camera Rig System available now at the Unity Asset Store!


Install instructions

Be sure to have the Virtual Platformer V0.65_Data folder unzipped in the same location as the application launcher.

2m X 2m play area recommended.

No need for controllers! Simply walk in the direction you wish to move, then duck and jump to make it to the end!


VPlatformer0.65.zip 34 MB


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Doesnt work on index? pressed every button and nothing happened